Samantha Day Consulting Services

Helping Families Reach a Solid Night of Sleep

Individualized Sleep Plan Creation

This consultation path is designed for families with children 4 months and older who are currently experiencing sleep hurdles. Your step by step plan is developed specially for your child and will provide all research-based information that is needed to form a solid foundation in reaching your sleep goals.

Question and Answer Consultation

These phone calls are perfect for families with specific sleep questions who are looking for research-based answers from an educated source. In the world of social media and easy internet access its common to search for solutions online. What begins with a quick question in our search engine often ends in contradicting articles and an overload of loving advice from other moms.

Group Education Sleep Session & Public Speaking

Sleep is an area that applies to all of us and affects our growth, development, attention span, behavior, and much more! The importance of sleep is something I LOVE to spread. This is a great opportunity to learn all there is to know about sleep in a group setting.