Registering for baby items is an exciting time for some but can be overwhelming for others. With thousands of items on the market, what do you really need on your baby registry? It is common to see articles and blogs telling us what to put on our list but with the goal of solid sleep, let’s talk about what we can avoid.


Sleep-Friendly Baby Registry Items

  1. Hatch Baby sound machine/night light/time to rise –
  2. Dohm White Noise Maker –
  3. My Baby Sound Machine –
  4. Darkening Shades – and
  5. Baby Sleepsack –
  6. Baby Swaddle –
  7. Nightlight –
  8. Baby Mobile –
  9. Owlet –


As you’re on this path to preparing for sleep, I’ve got a great resource for you! You can skip all the sleep books and contradicting online information and learn how to get on a solid sleep path from the start with our Infant Sleep Series. I am excited to see you there!

Disclaimer – This blog contains affiliate links. I do make a profit off of purchased products without raising the price to you at all! I carefully chose items before promoting them and only promote items I would use myself.