Client Reviews

We reached out to Samantha to help with our 21 month old when we found out we were expecting Our 2nd child. Our son would take over an hour to get to sleep at night (usually with a struggle), was still taking a bottle in the middle of the night, waking up multiple times for various reasons, and starting the day at 5am. Night times were stressful and unpredictable in our household and we could not imagine how we were going to juggle a newborn and this nighttime routine.

Through our individualized sleep plan, Samantha gently guided us through the steps to transition and teach our son how to self sooth and sleep at night. I truly appreciated the time Samantha took to create this plan while taking into consideration my input as the mother on how my son responded to certain situations and how to meet his needs through this transition. Within a matter of days my son was sleeping 11 hours at Night, eliminated his night feeds and was putting himself to sleep at night. Our nighttime routine is now a peaceful enjoyable routine for us all.

I will be forever grateful for Samantha and the change she made in our household!

Katiebeth I Mother of 21 month old

I found Samantha when I saw no end in sight for my childrens’ sleep habits that had really taken the reigns of our family. I had a 7 1/2 month old and a 3 1/2 year-old. I was up with my baby 4 to 5 times a night most days and my toddler’s needs for falling asleep and staying asleep were out of control. Not to mention, by about four in the morning, both of them would be in our bed. Of course, these are things I had promised myself I would never do about four years ago before kids were ever physically in my life. My husband and I (and our kids!) we so tired!

I didn’t really know what to expect from working with Samantha, but what I can say is it exceeded my greatest expectations. She helped teach me that my boys were absolutely capable of sleeping, I just needed to facilitate the correct schedules and settings for them to do that successfully. She guided me every step of the way while I was implementing both of their plans and made me feel incredibly supported. One of the things that I appreciated so much about Samantha is how she LISTENED to me. She didn’t make me feel bad about the habits we had falling into, she asked all the right questions and got an understanding of exactly where we were and took it from there.

She is so knowledgeable and caring; I would recommend her to anyone who feels as though their house could be sleeping better. Both of my boys now sleep through the night in their own beds and we are all feeling so much better. Thank you, Samantha!

Becca I Mother of 3.5 year old & 7.5 year old

As a stay-at-home mom, I figured I should be able to get my baby to sleep and do it on my own. It’s my job, after all. But after weeks of sleepless nights and days of naps that were far too short, both my 4 month old baby and I were at our wits end. He was waking 3-4 times a night and I actually convinced myself that he just hated sleep. A family friend referred us to Samantha and their great experience with her. We hired her immediately and, truthfully, I was hesitant. I almost wanted to call the whole thing off and go back to, “I should be able to do this on my own.” However, I had seen my baby struggle to sleep for far too long and figured this can’t hurt to try.Samantha walked us through the whole process, educated us on sleep cycles for healthy development, and created a step-by-step guide to help our baby sleep independently. She also helped me work with my baby’s sleep crutch: his pacifier. Prior to working with Samantha, he needed it to sleep, but running in and out of his room to place it back in his mouth when it fell out became unreasonable. She gave me the tools and support to get him past this crutch and on to independent sleep. On the FIRST night, my son independently slept through the night, without his paci, and has been doing so ever since. My husband turned to me during one of the first nights and said, “I feel like we’re on vacation.”

Simply put: If you’re struggling getting your little to sleep (and they aren’t too happy about it either), you’re doing yourself a disservice by not considering Samantha as a sleep consultant. She has been absolutely invaluable to our family.

* Side note: I wrote this review during one of my son’s 60+ min naps.

Ali I Mother of 4 month old

We met with Samantha before our first child was born. The information she shared allowed us to enter parenthood with a great foundation of knowledge for what we could do to help our daughter develop great sleep habits. Samantha made us feel relaxed and comfortable to ask her any questions we may have. After the birth of our daughter it was great to have her resources to look back on and refresh our memories, especially when things seemed to be getting off track. As I write this I’m watching my sleeping little angel on the monitor who just went down for her 3rd nap of the day without a fuss. I know that without Samantha’s help I would have had to spend countless hours researching and probably would have tried some terribly ineffective methods to help our daughter sleep. But because we had her support and guidance our almost 4 month old is on a regular nap and night time sleep schedule and we all are getting enough rest around our house. Even our daycare is impressed with how well our daughter does at nap time. In developing her schedule Sam was there to answer our questions and give us guidance on how to make minor adjustments that made a HUGE difference. Thanks Sam! You are so wonderful to work with and I absolutely will recommend your services to everyone I know!

Dana I Mother of new born

I have a nearly 6 year old who has struggled with sleep her entire life. For years, I have read every book on sleep that I could get my hands on, and still never found a good solution for her. Every night, I had to stay in bed with her until she fell asleep, or else she would completely panic and not be able to settle down for hours. Then, every single night for 3 years, she would slip into bed with my husband and me in the middle of the night. I had resigned myself to waiting until she grew out of it ( who knows when that would have been, if ever!). I assumed sleep consultants dealt only with younger children, and that I had missed my window to actually fix my daughter’s issues. On a whim, I reached out to Samantha to see if she could help, and I am soooooooooooo glad that I did. It has been a couple of weeks since Samantha created our sleeping plan, and my daughter is going to bed on her own every night, and staying in her own bed every morning until 7am. She wakes me occasionally in the night for a hug, but then heads right back to her own bed. Samantha took the time to understand our situation and develop a plan very specific to my daughters needs. She then checked in with me every morning to help make adjustments or suggestions for the following night. On top of knowing exactly how to help me handle my daughter, she was also incredibly encouraging and motivating to me, which was much needed after the first couple of rough nights! I am so grateful to Samantha for her help, and would advise anyone having sleep troubles with their kiddos to teach out to her asap!

Kate I Mother of 6 year old

We cannot thank Samantha enough. We started experiencing sleep issues around 7 months. We attributed this to sleep regression and separation anxiety. My daughter has always been an excellent “napper” but her nighttime sleep was becoming more and more challenging. She would fall asleep ok, although it was around 8:30/9pm, however she would wake up screaming around 2am. The only way we were able to calm her was to bring her into our room and have her sleep with us.

Fast forward to her 1 year Birthday. We were still experiencing the same issues, so we contacted Samantha. She listened to everything we were experiencing and understood our concerns moving forward. Our plan included multiple options for us to chose from. We implemented our plan that night.We have been following our plan for over a week now and my daughter has had a solid 11-13 hours of sleep a night, uninterrupted and in her crib. I know that we would not be where we are today without Samantha’s help, guidance and support. Niki Mother of 7 month old)

At the end of May we met with Samantha to go over our plan to help our 6.5 month old daughter sleep better. When we met with Samantha, she had been waking 3-5 times a night and I always was having to nurse her to sleep she also wasn’t taking any naps in her crib regularly and any naps she did take, in the crib or elsewhere, were only 20-30 minutes mostly after lots of tears (from both of us). To say she was overtired regularly would be putting it mildly. We are now sleeping through the night (11-12 hours) regularly and taking 2 naps in the crib, the first of which is at least 90 minutes long each day! And even in the midst of working through these changes our daughter cut her first two bottom teeth and we got through it with very little disruption to her sleep.

She is now so much happier all day long and we are both much better rested as parents which makes us very happy too!

Laura I Mother of 6.5 month old

Samantha has been a Godsend to us. Our son slept through the night until 6 months, when he started to wake up more. His sleep continued to get worse and worse as he got older (he’s now one), until he was waking up 4 times a night and not napping well.
Samantha created a plan for us based on our schedule and needs, and within a week he was sleeping through the night! So thankful for her and all the positive reinforcement she provided!

Tiffany I Mother of 1 year old

I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Samantha. My little guy who was 11 months old at the same was still waking every 3 to 4 hours and still taking a bottle with each waking. After meeting with Samantha and creating a plan that would work, I am thrilled to say that Lincoln is sleep 11 hours straight and not taking any bottles throughout the night. I don’t know what I would have done without Samantha’s help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Roxanne I Mother of 11 month old

Samantha and her recommended method were AWESOME! My son (21 months at the time) was waking up 2-3 times a night, and ended up in my bed most nights. After just 2 days, he was going to sleep in his bed, and slept all night! He now goes to bed without even crying, he asks to get in the crib. And he sleeps 12 hours (+) each night! He’s happier, more well rested, and so am I. I am so grateful and glad I decided to do this. It has been nothing short of an amazing transformation.

Anne I Mother of 21 month old

I was extremely hesitant in using a sleep consultant for my toddler. You usually hear people hiring a sleep consultant for infants, but we lucked out in the infant sleep department. Both my babies were great infant sleepers, but once my toddler hit about 18 months things started to spiral downward fast. After about 6 months we felt like we tried everything and had failed to get our toddlers sleep anxiety under control. We decided we needed help and we found Samantha. She was so patient with us and cheered us on through our entire sleep transition with our toddler. She gave us a great plan for us to follow and in just 5 short days our toddler has gone from not being able to fall asleep independently and waking up multiple times screaming, to falling asleep on her own and sleeping through the night. Not only is our toddler sleeping better, but she is happier and has a new confidence. If you are having sleep issues with your kiddos then you need Samantha!!

Jess I Mother of 18 month old

Samantha is AMAZING! *Drop the mic* She assisted my husband and I in choosing the right sleep plan that worked for us and our 7 month old. After night one, he was no longer feeding at night and he was able to put himself back to sleep on his own. Now it takes him less than 5 minutes to fall asleep for bedtime and naps without crying – all on his own! I would recommend Samantha to anyone no matter the age of your child (or yourself). Since I live out of state and in a different time zone, Samantha was available to FaceTime when it was convenient for my family. She was always available when I had questions and for reinsurance. I wish I had called Samantha sooner! Don’t wait!

Pros: reasonably priced fee, very knowledgeable, great personality, remembered EVERYTHING about my child

Cons: NONE!

Thank you Samantha for helping us reach our sleep goals!

Meghan I Mother of 7 month old

Samantha transformed our lives in just a few days! By night 3 of their individual plans, both our boys were able to independently soothe themselves to sleep and stay asleep for almost 11 hours! By the fifth night on the plan, we said good night to our almost 3 year old and walked out. In a few minutes he soothed himself to sleep with no tears, not even a peep, slept 10 hours and 40 mins, woke and waited in his room for the last 20 mins until his light turned green!  We were in shock and so grateful to Samantha for her encouragement and guidance; without it we would not have had the confidence or energy to execute any plan. Mainly because we were too exhausted and we knew we were going to loose some sleep while we were sleep training! A little back story, over the years we had tried so many things to help our son sleep. We never saw any results and decided to just accept that he wasn’t a good sleeper. With the arrival of our second son, we were elated that he was a decent sleeper. However, as time went on we resorted to old habits out of desperation to get sleep since we were still waking up to 4 times a night with our toddler and eventually he would come to bed with us. As a result, our baby came to bed with us too! We love our boys, but no one was getting good sleep, so it was challenging to be a patient person, parent, and spouse! I feel like a new person, mom and wife! Having our bed back feels so relaxing and knowing our boys are getting the sleep they need, gives my over active mommy brain a much needed break! Can’t praise Samantha enough for her services!

Val I Mother of 3 year old & 5.5 month old

When our son hit four months he went from getting up twice a night to getting up every two hours. I was getting ready to go back to work and I was TIRED! I knew I needed help with his sleep. After a phone consultant with Samantha I felt good about working with her. She listened and did not judge! Our meeting with her was full of great information, all summarized in a clear, easy to follow manner. Most importantly she was with us every step of the way, answering any questions we had and guiding us to teach our son how to sleep. We started when Jake turned five months. It took six long nights, but I am so happy to say that our little guy has slept through the night for three nights now! (I get him up once to feed him) I feel so refreshed!!! Thank you Samantha!

Suzi I Mother of 5 month old

Samantha is an expert on every sleep training method out there and does the work for you! She customized a personal sleep plan for my baby that was easy to follow and WORKED! She saved this tired momma! My 6mo sleeps 11 hours straight at night and naps like a dream. Thanks Samantha!

Amy I Mother of 6 month old

The information shared allowed us to enter parenthood with a great foundation of knowledge for what we could do to help our daughter develop great sleep habits. As I write this I’m watching my sleeping little angel on the monitor who just went down for her 3 rd nap of the day without a fuss. I know that without Samantha’s help I would have had to spend countless hours researching and probably would have tried some terribly ineffective methods to help our daughter sleep. Even our daycare is impressed with how well our daughter does at nap time.

Dana I Mother of Baby Kaydence