Why do they keep waking up overnight? – with Samantha Day

In this week’s episode, Samantha talks about a trend that she is seeing in questions from parents. Night wakings with our little ones are age appropriate at first but they reach a place where a goal of solid sleep overnight is possible and important. Samantha goes into detail on the 6 reasons your child may be waking overnight and offers a solution as well.

This week she also announces the launch of her new way to assist parents. ‘Nix those Night Wakings’ is an instructional video series where parents can learn directly from Sam, create their own sleep plan, eliminate night wakings and get on the path to the goal of solid sleep in a way that fits their family. She pushes pass the controversy of “sleep training” and focuses on teaching sleep in a way that fits each family. The series includes 5 different teaching methods.

You can find ways to eliminate those night wakings by visiting Samantha at www.samanthadayconsulting.com/immediate-assistance/

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