with Sarah Gray

Before we become mothers it is common for our experiences, paths and research to already guide us down the path to the type of mother we want to be or parenting style we want to follow. Sometimes when baby comes this path fits perfectly and is exactly what we pictures but often times, it is not. Misconceptions in parenting styles can lead us to think that even if it is not as you imagined, you chose it so it is what it is.

Sarah believed that Attachment Parenting was the perfect path for her and guess what? 10 months in, it still is. This style of parenting fits her family well in so many areas but there was one that didn’t go as she imagined…sleep! Mentors in her life who choose the same parenting style and the research she did in the area made her think that if she chose this path, sleepless nights would just be a thing. Sarah realized, she could have both!

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