with Michelle Pratt

It’s a car seat. Shouldn’t we just be able to buckle it in and go? The answer to this is a strong no. There is a lot that goes into the safety side of car seats and this knowledge is just as important the first time you place baby in the car seat and head home through the first decade of their life as they transition from seat to seat. Michelle Pratt is talking with us today and laying out what we need to know in a truthful yet fun way.

A little about our guest –

Nationally Certified Car Seat Safety Technician, Michelle Pratt is in the trenches of raising young kids. Back in 2013 as a first-time parent, there were so many lessons she had to learn quickly. She’s been where you are — unsure of whether her children are safe, feeling overwhelmed and needing a bit of guidance. Naturally, she prioritized safety but found very little support around one critically important aspect: car seats. So, Michelle took matters into her own hands and
became the expert she needed. Now, she gives parents peace of mind that their most precious cargo is as safe as possible.

Safe in the Seat handles all things car seats, including custom car seat selection, phone-a-friend inquiries, and support, and full car seat installation and consultations—in office, in-home or virtual. Follow @safeintheseat on Instagram and sign up for her newsletter at safeintheseat.com to keep up with Michelle’s online courses, car seat tips and tricks, and a mama who just gets it. Michelle is a proud mom of two and lives in South Tampa with her
kiddos and husband, Cal.

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