with CC Sutton

CC Sutton is truly a gift and I am honored to interview her on this week’s podcast episode. Here is a little about her –

As a Work-Life Performance Expert, Speaker, Author and Certified Life & Relationship Coach, CC Sutton works with organizations wanting to accelerate employee performance & productivity in order to reach peak profits.

CC is a dynamic communicator and highly sought-after speaker by Fortune 100 companies with a well-earned reputation for creating solutions for common work-life balance challenges. In addition, she has trained hundreds of professionals on how to multiply their productivity, combat career burnout, and how to efficiently manage work and home life.

In her toolbox of humor and relatable life experiences, CC pulls out simple solutions to help professionals take back control of their time, energy, and productivity. At the end of her sessions, attendees walk away excited, equipped, and ready to execute!

In addition to her talks, CC offers Working Women Wellness with CC Sutton, a Facebook group that features work-life performance advice, life-hacks, and resources for high-performing women. CC has also shared her expertise as a contributing expert on Great Day Houston and a host of other media outlets.

When she’s not on stage, CC enjoys competitive ballroom dancing, juicing, traveling, and trying new cuisine. She and her husband of 13 years, Tristen Sutton, reside in Houston with their fur baby, “Peppy”.

To connect with CC you can click any link below or simply search “CC Sutton” through social media outlets.


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