Video Tutorial Sleep Series

Immediate Assistance

In a world of search engines and social media, we have recommendations at our fingertips, but it’s overwhelming when all the information contradicts each other. As a mom, Sleep Consultant and Behavior Specialist, I’ve sorted through all of it for you and partnered with hundreds of families successfully guiding them to their goals. If your goal is independent and solid sleep, these series are for you and available immediately!

Teaching Sleep & Reaching Goals Video Series

Here it is! This is your comprehensive look at sleep and everything you need to reach your family sleep goals. Appropriate for children 4 months to 5 years, we will review relevant and researched based sleep information for you to use in guiding your little ones to solid sleep.

Infant Sleep Video Series

You can start on a path to solid sleep from the start and our infant sleep series will teach you how in a gentle, age appropriate and easy to follow way.

Toddler Sleep Video Series

This video series will help you in building your child’s feeling of security and independence in their room and communicate your sleep expectations in an age appropriate way.

Naps on Track – Free Video!

Naps are an important piece of the puzzle to solid sleep but reaching long and strong naps can be harder than expected for many families. Our free “Naps on Track” video will help get your family on the path to your sleep goals.

For infants from birth to 3 months old, check out my Infant Sleep Series and my Prenatal & Infant Sleep Consultation.