Immediate Assistance

Video Tutorial Sleep Series Available Anytime

Infant Sleep Series

Pregnancy through 3 months

Start on a path to solid sleep from the start! Our Infant Sleep Series will teach you a gentle, age-appropriate method!

Nix Those Night Wakings

4 Months to 5 Years

Instructional video series focusing on night sleep BUT also takes a deep look at naps since they support each other.

Toddler Sleep Series

Crib to bed transition to 5 years

Build your child’s sense of security and independence and communicate sleep expectations in an age-appropriate way.

Well Rested Travelers Series

Birth through 5 years

Sleeping away from home can be a challenge for many children. Learn our step-by-step guide to rest, relaxation, and connection while you’re away from home.

Series Bundle

All the Sleep series together!

Ready for it all? The bundle includes all four of our video series – Infant Sleep, Nix Those Night Wakings, Toddler Sleep, and Well Rested Travelers!

Naps on Track

Free Video!

Naps are an important piece of the puzzle to solid sleep. Our free “Naps on Track” video will help get your family on the path to your sleep goals.

In a world of search engines and social media, we have recommendations at our fingertips, but it’s overwhelming when all the information contradicts each other. As a mom, Sleep Consultant and Behavior Specialist, I’ve sorted through all of it for you and partnered with hundreds of families successfully guiding them to their goals. If your goal is independent and solid sleep, these series are for you and available immediately!

Video Series Bundle

The Happy Days Rested Nights Sleep Bundle has all of Samantha Day’s immediate assistance sleep videos in one place! This bundle includes all of the content in the following video series:

  • Nix Those Night Wakings Series
  • Well Rested Travelers Series
  • Infant Sleep Series
  • Toddler Sleep Series