Meet Samantha

Certified Sleep Expert I Learning Behavior Specialist
Hey there! I’m Samantha. I’m a Wife and Mom of two and am very passionate about spreading sleep education. Sleep is a necessity in many aspects of our life including health, development, behavior, attention span and much more but for many families, reaching a goal of solid sleep is difficult. I started my professional life as a graduate of Northern Illinois University as a Learning Behavior Specialist. When I became a mom to my sweet baby boy I quickly felt the “me too” factor. Talking to other parents who were up multiple times a night with their bundles of joy, we felt an instant connection. After they would tell me about their sleepless night and I could quickly respond with, “me too”! When my son was 5 months old, his sleep became my top priority. I came up with a plan using research based sleep information and my learning behavioral background and was so pleased with his progress. He was well rested and happy and I was getting the sleep I needed as well to be the best mom I could be. It was at this point that I decided to return to school and become a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. In our online world of contradicting sleep articles and overwhelming advice from loving mom friends, I wanted to create a place that parents could come for sleep information and avoid the confusion. Since then, I have had the honor of guiding many families to their sleep goals.

There are many ways to join me in this healthy sleep journey including our Facebook and Instagram pages, learning from our e videos series, exploring articles and reaching out for one on one consulting. Thanks for visiting! I look forward to teaming up on the most organic thing we can do as humans, sleep!

The mission of Samantha Day Consulting is to spread research-based sleep information and guide families to a rested and happy home.

Samantha Day is a certified sleep expert and learning behavior specialist who is passionate about guiding families down a path to solid sleep. Tips, strategies, methods and plans are designed to fit your family and reach your individual sleep goals. The foundation of these recommendations comes from research based sleep information and the science of how we sleep. Childhood development and behavior are also taken into consideration in these tips as they are large pieces of your family sleep puzzle as well.