Happy Days Rested Nights Sleep Bundle


The Happy Days Rested Nights Sleep Bundle has all of Samantha Day's immediate assistance sleep videos in one place! This bundle includes all of the content in the following video series:

Nix Those Night Wakings Video Series
Perfect when your child is 4 months to 5 years old and in need of support to sleep at night, but also includes naps!
Includes 13 videos, 5 sleep teaching methods, 7 downloads
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Infant Sleep Video Series
Your guide to newborn and infant sleep (ages 0-3 months) and helps parents guide their baby down a path to solid sleep from the start.
Includes 6 videos
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Toddler Sleep Video Series
This video series will help you in building your child’s feeling of security and independence in their room and communicate your sleep expectations in an age-appropriate way.
Includes 6 videos
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Well Rested Travelers Series
Your step-by-step guide to rest, relaxation, and connection while you’re away from home.
Includes 7 videos, 2 downloads, 4 direct links
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This bundle is perfect for new and experienced parents alike. We learn that all kids are different and have different sleep needs.

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