Q & A Consultation

New Client Q & A Phone Consultation: $50

This 30 minute phone call is a wonderful choice for families with specific questions or sleep hurdles they are looking for guidance on. During the call with Samantha she will ask specific questions about your family, answer your questions and give some tips to go along with them. This call is for families who have not partnered with Samantha before. 

Post Series Q & A Phone Consultation: $45

After completing one of our Immediate Assistance video series, families have the option to schedule a Post Series Q and A call that is 30 minutes long. This call allows Samantha to learn more about each family, answer specific questions and give recommendations building off the information in the series. 

Return Client Q & A Phone Consultation: $45

Families who have teamed up, one on one, with Samantha in the past and have additional questions after graduating from their sleep plan can schedule this discounted Q and A phone session (30 min). As your child continues to grow developmentally, physically, cognitively and emotionally, sleep hurdles can arise. This is a great opportunity to ask your individualized questions and get researched based information on how to get back on your track.

15 Minute Phone Consultation: $15

Our initial 15-minute phone consultation is for families who have children 4 months and up that have not talked with Samantha before or completed an immediate assistance series. It is a great way to get started down the path of one on one consulting. During our chat I would love to learn more about your family, current sleep hurdles and goals. Every family is unique and information including the age of your child, how many children you have, working vs stay at home parents and parenting style all play a role in creating the best path to reaching your family goals. Our call will also provide you additional information on this sleep teaching process and answer all of your questions on how to get started. From there we can decide which consultation path best fits your family. Families that decide to move forward with a 1 on 1 consultation option will have the cost of this initial call added to the total cost of their full consultation.