Samantha Day Consulting Services

Helping Families Reach a Solid Night of Sleep

One-on-One Coaching

With Individualized Sleep Plans to Prenatal & Infant Sleep Consultations, Question and Answer Consultations, meeting directly with Samantha as your sleep coach gives you the direction and focus needed to bring sleepy nights to your home!


Immediate Assistance

As a mom, Sleep Consultant and Behavior Specialist, I’ve sorted through all of it for you and partnered with hundreds of families successfully guiding them to their goals. If your goal is independent and solid sleep, these series are for you and available immediately!

Group Education + Speaking

Sleep is an area that applies to all of us and effects our growth, development, attention span, behavior and much more! The importance of sleep is something I LOVE to spread. This is a great opportunity to learn all there is to know about sleep in a group setting.