The Day and Night Solution Squad

Your consistent place to turn to reach solid sleep, guide new behaviors and continue on the path to happy days and rested nights as your little one grows.

Reaching our sleep and behavior goals can be hard!

If you find yourself wishing sleep was better, we will get you there with our Infant Sleep and Nix those Nights Wakings videos that are included! If things are going great right now, together we will stay in that place as your little one grows and their needs shift using our library of over 70 videos for each transition and milestone they reach.

“Sam, I have a few questions…”

“What is this?”

Our Solution Squad is everything we need to reach our current sleep and behavior goals AND stay on track through all the transitions that naturally take place as our children grow. So often we figure this whole parenting thing out and then BAM – teething hits, sickness strikes, nap transitions approach, testing new behaviors, travel, bed transitions, separation anxiety, developmental milestones, whining, back-talking, early rising, short naps and so much more. When you are part of our Solution Squad, you have trusted and consistent answers at your fingertips. No more trial and error, googling, contradicting information and asking for help on social media. You now have a trusted place to turn that will give you answers immediately (yes, even at 3:00 am) and get you back to your goals as quickly as possible!

“Who is this for?”

Our Squad is for pregnant moms and moms with children birth through 6 years old. You will be able to sign in, go to the age of your child (or children) and you will find videos for the transitions and situations that happen in this range.

“What is included?”

– You will have 24-hour access to our library of over 70 videos
– 2 monthly group calls with me where you can come side by side with me and ask questions directly. I am so excited to see you!
– Access to all the content in both the Nix Those Night Wakings Series and the Infant Sleep Series!
– and more …… (just wait and see!! yay!)

How It Works

Join Our Squad

As part of our squad, you have 24-hour access to our Infant Sleep Series and Nix those Night Wakings Series, a library of transition videos and printable resources.

Ask Sam

We will have 2 monthly group calls where you can join me live and ask anything or watch the replay when you choose.

Reach Our Goals Together

Join other parents as we set parenting goals and meet them together.

Yay! Let’s do this together!

4 Month Subscription

4 Month Membership – $129

* Plans automatically renew. Easy cancellation if you choose. 

What are parents saying?

“My son began expressing fears of the dark and being in his room around 4 years old. It was so hard to convince him he was ok and make him feel comfortable in his sleep space. I now have a place to turn and feel empowered knowing how to guide him through this”
Dana – Mom of 4-year-old

We went from waking up 4 to 5 times a night to sleeping from 7:30 to 7:30 with only one wake up to eat in 1 week!”
Stephanie – Mom of a 5-month-old

“After we transitioned out of the crib and into a toddler bed, we had almost an entire month of our 2.5-year-old daughter not sleeping, needing us to fall asleep and joining in our bed in the middle of the night. After finding Sam and watching the videos on this topic, I am proud to say that for the first time since the transition, our daughter is sleeping all night!”
Becky – Mom of 2.5-year-old

“So thank you for inspiring the confidence in me to trust these beautiful instincts. I’m more relaxed and that definitely has changed the entire vibe of the house. I just want to enjoy my sweet little girl and now I feel I can continue to guide with confidence.”
Amber – Mom of 12-month-old

Let’s answer some questions!

Who is this squad for?

Our squad is for pregnant moms looking to start on a solid path and for parents with children birth through 6 years old.

How do I access the library?

As part of our squad, you will create a personalized username and password to use to sign in. You can access the library 24-hours a day.

How is the library set up?

Our squad library is divided by ages and each age range has it’s own page with videos for transitions and milestones that happen at that age.

What does this include?

Your membership includes 24 hour access to our library, bi-monthly group calls with Samantha, and discounted 1 on 1 call options.