Teaching Sleep & Reaching Goals Series

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Teaching Sleep & Reaching Goals Series: $49

Are you ready for you family to get solid rest? Does you child falling asleep without protest seem like a dream? Have you spent hours reading online sleep articles only to end up more confused by all the contradicting information? If so, this series is for you!

This is your comprehensive look at sleep and everything you need to reach your family sleep goals. Appropriate for children 4 months to 5 years, we will review relevant and researched based sleep information for you to use in guiding your little ones to solid sleep.

Our 5 videos include:

  • The science of sleep (sleep cycles, associations, separation anxiety, and much more)
  • How much sleep our children need dependent on age
  • Nap timing and transitions
  • Sleep routines
  • Feeding associations
  • Step by step guidance in creating your sleep plan
  • 4 sleep teaching methods explained in detail including 2 gentle, 1 middle of the road and 1 firm method to choose from dependent on your parenting style and child’s personality
  • Toddler variable video going in depth on the extra info that may be needed in supporting your child through this process at this age

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