Toddler Sleep Series

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Toddler Sleep Series: $29

Is it time to transition out of the crib to a big kid bed and you want to guide your little one through this transition as smoothly as possible? Or is bedtime a dreaded part of the day in your family? Are toddler power struggles, bedtime negotiations, fears and repeated times of returning your little one to bed causing stress and anxiety? Let’s turn bedtime battles into peaceful good nights with this toddler sleep video series.

Our toddlers are filled with curiosity and exploration and are like sponges soaking up new information each day. During this time it is common to see bumps in the road of bedtime. Sleep has been known to fuel toddler fears, power struggles, negotiations and more. This video series will help you in building your child’s feeling of security and independence in their room and communicate your sleep expectations in an age appropriate way.

Our three videos (**plus a bonus video**) include:

  • Creating a smooth transition from crib to bed
  • Building a feeling of security in their room
  • How to clearly signal sleep time and wake time
  • Age appropriate toddler emotions and fears
  • Eliminating negotiations
  • Setting sleep expectations
  • Positive behavior support

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